Our Sustainability Ethos

Our Ethos


At Aimee Kent we use only ethically sourced materials & environmentally friendly processes to create our innovative printed textiles and products.

During our print process, we use a special filtration system to ensure that the harmful chemicals contained within the dyes do not pollute the water cycle. We are proud to be the 1st textiles brand in Scotland to use a system like this which purifies the waste water to ensure minimal impact on our local aquatic ecosystems.

We aim to maintain a positive social & environmental impact by:

  • Protecting the environment & our water supplies
  • Rigorously recycling waste & packaging
  • Only using organic/fair trade/locally sourced/recycled materials/factory off-cuts
  • Offering workshops, events & training to enrich the local community
  • Continuing the use of traditional craft skills
  • Using recycled paper/cardboard and eco-friendly inks in our packaging, labelling, business cards & promotional materials.

We believe that nowadays design should be sustainability focused, and that should be the norm. As an emerging design brand, we aim to create collections using the most innovative and exciting new raw materials/recycled eco fabrics and eco-friendly production methods whilst keeping manufacturing local wherever possible to limit our carbon footprint and support our local economy.