About Our Shop

Everything in our shop is made as sustainably as possible. We use certified organic fair trade cotton, bamboo and silk, factory offcuts, and recycled and post-consumer fabrics to create our special limited edition pieces. We source the majority of our organic cottons from a supplier based in England, UK who works with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified mills in India and Turkey.

Here’s a statement from our main textile supplier:

“It was only around ten years ago that we became aware of the damage we do to people in third world countries who grow cotton and have to rely on pesticides. Thousands die each year. They live miserable lives, tied to poverty, bound to a system that supports agro chemical suppliers.  Most of these farmers have 4 or 5 acres. By allowing them to farm organically, they and their families can live a more prosperous and healthy life that allows crop rotation and non-reliance on pesticide and fertiliser sellers.

Organic means that the cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides, using pheromone traps, crop rotation, hand picking of bugs and natural repellents.
This allows farmers to grow food and keep animals instead of being reliant on costly chemicals and fertilizers. They receive more for their crop and the input costs are lower and the fabrics will be pesticide free.

We have a small charity called ‘Loom.’  We return some of our profits to help the weavers we work with in Kerela. We distribute ten percent of profits to staff and we support local initiatives and interest free loans to local businesses”

All items in our shop are manufactured locally (in Scotland/the UK) and all of our screen printed pieces are created in house, right here at our print facilities in Glasgow. We do all our own screen printing using a special filtration system to ensure minimal harm to our local water supplies and aquatic ecosystems. We are proud to be the first design brand to use this eco-friendly print system in the UK.

We are constantly researching new ways to make our business more sustainable and we strive to offer the most innovative ethically produced products without compromising on trend setting stand out style.